Morini (CM 162El Titanium-L)

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  1. Precision Engineering: The Morini CM 162El Titanium-L is crafted with precision engineering, ensuring consistent and accurate performance.

  2. Titanium Construction: The use of titanium in key components contributes to a lightweight yet durable design.

  3. Adjustable Grip: The pistol features an adjustable grip, allowing shooters to customize it for comfort and optimal handling.

  4. Match-Grade Barrel: Equipped with a match-grade barrel, the CM 162El Titanium-L delivers exceptional accuracy for competitive shooting.

  5. Single-Stroke Pneumatic: Operates on a single-stroke pneumatic mechanism, providing reliable and recoil-free shooting.

  6. Adjustable Trigger: The pistol comes with an adjustable trigger for personalized trigger control.

  7. Height-Adjustable Sight: The sights are designed to be height-adjustable, allowing for precise alignment and aiming.

  8. Accessory Rail: Includes an accessory rail for attaching additional accessories or optics.


  • Brand: MORINI
  • SKU: AHGP9


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